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Boon Turtle Tokens (BTTs) is an NFT collection consisting of 555 pieces made using a generative algorithm in p5js. The structure of the artwork is uniform yet random and abstract yet realistic, noticeable to a keen observer. We want to convey a story through the collection and each piece. Each artwork is a unique combination of the subcategories of features in the collection. Here is us simplifying the story for anyone who comes across Boon Turtle Tokens:

The Carapace

A carapace is a dorsal section of the exoskeleton or in simple words — a shell. For our design of the carapace, we went with a simple yet abstract version of a turtle shell. There are two types of carapaces — an adult and a hatchling. Hatchlings occur in some BTTs while they might be absent in some. An adult turtle, however, will always be present in any BTT. There can be 2 adult turtles and 2 hatchlings (at maximum) in any BTT. A combination of carapaces is placed into their habitats.

A hatchling and an adult turtle carapace design.


Turtles in the collection exist across 3 habitats— Beach, Aqua, and Grass. The habitat is a feature synonymous with a background and is a Voronoi diagram. We believe the Voronoi algorithm is perfectly suited as an external feature since it is regularly observed in nature and turtle skin in many species appears similar to a Voronoi diagram. Each cell of the Voronoi diagram is randomly coloured with colours restricted to a hand-picked colour palette for each habitat.

The ‘Beach’ habitat.


Each habitat is home to 3 uniquely coloured beautiful species. These fictitious species have been coloured using 9 hand-picked palettes. While they do not resemble actual turtles, their names have been derived from actual turtle habitats. They live in harmony and often display coexistence.

The Beach species (L to R): Sundarbans, Iztuzu and Ras Al Jinz.
The Aqua species (L to R): Galapagos, Great Barrier Reef and Mississippi.
The Grass species (L to R): Amazon, Alaska and Yellowstone.


This is one of our favourite features. We thought of how real turtles exist in nature and wanted to display how different turtles often live in the same vicinity and share habitats with other turtles. In our collection, some wholesome adult turtles look after hatchlings of other species too! Coexistence occurs rarely but is beautiful to observe.

A Galapagos adult coexisting with a Mississippi hatchling.

Habitat Detriment

Lastly, we would like to introduce you to a rather melancholic feature. Wildlife habitat detriment is a truth that almost everyone knows of. We wanted to highlight habitats being affected adversely in a subtle and easy-to-understand way. The collection, therefore, has 3 levels of habitat detriment. The habitat with the lowest level of degradation is the rarest, with the more degraded habitats being more common.

Low detriment.
Medium detriment.
High detriment.

Final notes

The use cases of NFTs are still nascent with most projects being unique identifiers in a metaverse yet to be built and experienced. Other projects are art collectables where no utility should be expected and they should be enjoyed for their aesthetics.

Boon Turtle Tokens is an attempt to create real-world impact using NFTs as an impact investing instrument. 80% of all proceeds from the sales of Boon Turtle Tokens will be sent to the Turtle Survival Alliance to save the critically endangered Red-crowned roof turtle in India (only about 500 of these turtles remain in the wild). Check out our collection to be a part of this movement and contribute toward sustainable and impact-based investing.




Boon Labs intends to innovate in the impact investing space through the sale and trade of philanthropy-based crypto instruments.

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Boon Labs

Boon Labs

Boon Labs intends to innovate in the impact investing space through the sale and trade of philanthropy-based crypto instruments.

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